Communities, Lots, House Designs – Choosing Your Next Home Wisely

Designing the home of your dreams.

Woohoo, it’s time! Maybe your family has outgrown your current home, or perhaps you’ve been methodical and worked toward this moment for a while. Whatever the case may be, it’s time. You’re ready, willing, and able to jump feet first into this adventure of choosing your next home.

We will help you get started with some simple, wise, and valuable tips you can use TODAY.

Choosing a quality-minded custom home builder (like us 😎) is a crucial step in the process of home building, but it’s not the only step. The community, lot, and style of your next custom home are also vital components to research and determine – even before a shovel ever meets dirt, let alone before you move a single dish into your brand-new designer kitchen.

So, let’s start asking and answering some crucial questions!


Next to picking the best custom home builder for the oft-forgotten after-sale experience, another key step is pinpointing your desires beyond lovely add-on options.

Ponder your personal style, space for your family, and more. Write these down (memories are fickle) – Musts VS Nice to Have.

Consider contacting custom home builders in your area to evaluate their policies, service, and depth of their ability to customize your home to your desires. You can learn a lot more from taking time to chat one-on-one with a builder than by relying on second-hand information.

Did you know you’ve got an ally in this whole home-building process? We’ve got your back! We’ve previously written a post called What to Expect When Buying a New Home that offers even more tips – including some financially-related questions to consider.

Your new neighbourhood should be a big consideration.

Think of the pros and cons of your current community.

For example…

Especially mull over travel times for places like work, groceries, pharmacies, schools, friends, and fun! Your rapport with commuting is important to keep in mind.

“How’s guest parking?” Answering this can be embarrassing because of community rules or limited parking space. How often you host, PLUS your own parking needs should factor into choosing your next community. Oh, and don’t forget about winter parking restrictions.

Is there anything about your current community that you feel restricts you from pursuing any activities, hobbies, or lifestyle goals? Try to find a community that has the infrastructure or dedicated space that encourages your growth in those pursuits.


When researching the right lot type for your home, remember your list of desired features. Your goals for your home affect where you place that home. Ponder topography, community, and yard space needs and wants.

We can help you sort through the technical stuff 🤓.

Envisioning a garage? You can have fun strategizing how your new garage will integrate with your yard – cars, storage, workshop, or workout space… it’s all up to you! Don’t forget to factor in whether your garage will need an alley connection if it’s in the rear of your home.

Regarding topography, whether your new home is on a slope or at the bottom of a slope may be a big deal in the Spring when snow starts to melt. Also, if you want to walk out of the basement onto a backyard patio and BBQ (or hot tub!), topography is key in the planning phase.


Your custom home builder should have showhomes just aching to be explored! It’s time to make some house calls, but don’t forget to bring your features list. Not only will you see if any particular home style checks off your boxes, but you may even pick up some new ideas.

We can help you navigate the style lingo, but more than that:

We work with you to bring your style to life… with or without the “technical” house style names.

This is about your new home, not industry lingo. (But, there are some cool style names like “Italianate.”)

If lots and communities aren’t critical, but your show home visits attract you to a particular style, it may be well-worth perusing quick possession homes. Many were once show homes with clever upgrades to entice potential buyers. You may save a lot of effort by going this route.

Building or buying a new home is hard work; it should be. 

You’re not just picking someplace to “live” like it’s a place to stop for lunch – you’re planting roots for you and your family for the foreseeable future.

But hard work doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun; especially when you have the right builder partner in your corner.

If you want help navigating some of the things we’ve discussed in this article, reach out to us today so we can help bring your dream home to life!

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